Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best 3 Modern Nursery Decor Ideas

Modern nursery decor ideas are one if the most popular nursery designs nowadays. It is very popular since modern nursery design is very simple and it can also be made gender neutral. Making a nursery gender neutral will allow the things used inside the nursery be stored and used again in the future in case of a second baby with different gender is coming. Check out this modern nursery design.

1. Brown and Beige Nursery

Do you want to create warm yet modern nursery decor ideas? You should opt to paint the nursery walls and furnish the nursery in brown and beige colors then. Paint the walls of the room a solid brown color like chocolate brown. Use wooden furniture pieces that are beige in color or at least in lighter shade than the paint of the wall. Finally, use even lighter colors for the pillows, cushion, and the carpet inside the room.

2. Chalkboard Paint Nursery

If you mean to create modern nursery decor ideas that will make it into the later years for when the baby starts to cover the walls with their writing, you should create a baby nursery with a chalkboard paint in one of its walls. You can also use the chalkboard paint as an accent wall and then draw something yourself. Drawing your own accent wall will also use less budget compared to paint some murals on it.

3. Black and White Nursery

Many people think that a baby nursery should be decorated in bright and cheerful colors. However, if you plan to have modern nursery decor ideas, you should go all out and make black and white baby nursery. Cover most of the room with white and then look for black colored accessories to decorate the room. This kind of monochromatic nursery design works really well with a small house with a very limited living space.

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